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Better Radio Experiences

19 Jul 2018 by Libby Miller

Since our last post, we’ve been working on a project called “Better Radio Experiences” in BBC R&D. As part of that we’ve completely rewritten the Radiodan software so it’s much easier to use and mostly runs in-browser. If you want to build an audio experience running on a Raspberry Pi, you can now:

  • develop it on a laptop
  • transfer it to a Pi by dragging and dropping the files (using Samba)

We’ve tested it on colleagues at a hackday in which we developed four working Raspberry Pi-based audio prototypes. We were happy to see that it was quick and easy for new users, with some web development experience, to get started.

If you’d like to try it, start with Dan’s detailed user guide. A document describing the architecture, along with detailed API-level documentation and practical tips on configuring linux audio devices is also available.

For those interested in the details of the browser-based approach, Andrew describes the idea in detail on his website.

You can see some examples of what you could build on our updated showcase.