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Radiodan TNG

29 Apr 2016 by Libby Miller

It’s a while since we’ve posted - but we’re still working on Radiodan. We’re at a transition point, as we’ve been moving from a series of experiments to more focused work on making an internet radio that can be easily hacked on to make it do what you want.

To make this easier, we’ve:

  • Moved the code base fully to Raspbian Jessie
  • Moved the wifi setup code to Resin’s version of the same thing
  • Changed the code so that it installs the skeleton application by default, which is simple but also much more hackable
  • Tested it on various version of the Raspberry Pi (it works well on 2, 3 and Zero)
  • Tried various audio options, concluding that a DAC is the best option
  • Started to update the documentation

I’ve also made a quick prototype to test these changes - a Radio 3 “Red Button” prototype which allows you to switch between different strands of audio for a particular programme: