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Hello Again

01 Aug 2014 by Libby Miller

I’ve just realised it’s almost exactly a year since I wrote the first post here. So, hello again.

May, June and July for Radiodan

May was a rush for AndrewN and Dan to get the Radiodan code and presentation ready for Solid while I helped by making a Radiodan v2 NOOBS version and trying it all out. Mostly though I was working on another project until the end of June.

We’ve spent the last few weeks doing some pieces of documentation and experimentation while gearing up for using Radiodan as an experimental platform for a discovery prototype in our MediaScape project. AndrewW and Lianne have also been making some test boxes in order to improve the instructions for the cases.

Right now, Dan is updating the build to use Jessie, and AndrewN is refactoring the magic button so that it’s easy to add different functionality to it. So things will change quite a lot. However, as of today now we have:

So if you’d like a go, you can start here.

Here’s one I made earlier:

Exclusively Archers Postcard

This is a very simple radio, with no changes to the code, which uses a crontab and the ‘magic button’ REST API to turn itself on for the Archers, and off again afterwards - so a reverse Archers Avoider.

# turn it on at 14:02 weekdays
2 13 * * 1-5  /usr/bin/curl -X POST http://localhost/radio/service/radio4  

# turn it off at 14:15 weekdays
15 13 * * 1-5,7  /usr/bin/curl -X DELETE http://localhost/radio/power

# turn it on at 19:02 weekdays and sundays
2 18 * * 1-5,7  /usr/bin/curl -X POST http://localhost/radio/service/radio4 

# turn it off at 19:15 weekdays and sundays
15 18 * * 1-5,7  /usr/bin/curl -X DELETE http://localhost/radio/power

# turn it on at 10:00 on sundays for the omnibus edition
0 9 * * 7 /usr/bin/curl -X POST http://localhost/radio/service/radio4

# and turn it off at 11:15
15 10 * * 7 /usr/bin/curl -X DELETE http://localhost/radio/power

Exclusively Archers