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Postcard Analysis

14 Nov 2013 by Andrew Wood

This post is written by Andrew Wood, who is a designer at IRFS in BBC R&D.

Myself and Tim Broom spent some time this week analysing the RadioDan postcards. Our aim was to document all the ideas from the previous two workshops in Oxford and San Sebastián.

Libby’s Flickr documentation also proved valuable as most photos contained a synopsis of each idea.

We mapped the ideas across 2 axes:

  • Popularity was measured on the Vertical Axes with the most popular ideas at the top.
  • Feasibility was measured horizontally with the most feasible ideas placed to the left.

Using good old post-its we captured the idea and judged where it should be placed on the axes. If the idea came up again the post-it received a dot – increasing its popularity and thus moving it up the vertical / popularity axes.

Having captured so many great ideas we now had a wall full of post-its – To make better sense of this information we grouped the ideas into common themes.

Wrongradio workshop mapping results

The themes captured so far are:

  • Embracing / Rejecting Content
  • Who am I
  • Favourites
  • Balance Controls
  • Time Shifting
  • Ambience
  • Content Visualisation
  • Emotional Controls
  • Recommendations
  • Context
  • Social
  • Multiple Device Experience
  • Playlists
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Instant News
  • Control Features
  • Non BBC Content
  • Everything With Me
  • Programmepedia
  • Mood

Our next step through group discussion is to:

  • Refine / cluster more ideas & themes not captured.
  • Get a more comprehensive technical view on the feasibility axes, and alter our map accordingly.
  • Compare our analysis with previously gathered themes

It would also be useful to capture the favourite ideas and find the gems that may be worthy of further exploration.